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What Is a Bike Headset?

March 23rd

The headset of a bicycle is, in simplest terms, the part of the bike that allows the steering column and front wheel to rotate and turn. It is, therefore, fairly important to the general running of a bike (as we’re sure you’ll agree!)   A bike headset generally consists of two cups that are pressed […]

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Basic Bicycle Parts That a Cyclist Needs to Know

February 2nd

Frame   The frame is the heart of the bicycle. It is the mechanical core that provides points of attachment for the various components that make up the machine. Most frames are diamond shaped consisting of two triangles: front triangle and rear triangle. The front triangle is made up of head tube, top tube, down […]

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Types of Bicycle Lights

August 10th

There are many different bicycle lights to choose from, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Things to consider include the type of light bulb, the power source, and where you want to mount the light to your bicycle.   Bicycle head lights are those mounted to the front […]

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