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Professional Server Case Company

Friday March 4thUncategorized Category

Joyance Enterprise Co., Ltd., a professional server case company, provides top quality server cases for information technology industry. Facing rapid changes in the global environments, such as technology monetary factors and consuming habits, and etc., we continue to innovate, improve, and enhance as well as integrate the resources internally and externally to strengthen the flexibility of our company and the competitiveness of our server cases. OEM or ODM orders are welcome. Our integrated manufacturing capacity assures JOYANCE customers an efficient control over quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes. We are positive about our outgoing quality, product reliability, and prompt delivery. Contact to know more!

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Introduction to Oil Seals

Wednesday March 2ndUncategorized Category

Grease oil seals, dirt seals, oil seals and fluid seals may be called by different names, but they are designed to deliver the same task. Perhaps their most important job is to close the spaces between moving and stationary parts in every kind of mechanical equipment. Grease and oil seals are essential to modern-day living in order to achieve a high level of efficiency and performance in different industries, such as automotive, agricultural, industrial and manufacturing equipment, to provide the products, vehicles and services we all benefit from.

Each kind of bearing is made of very important components and oil seals protect all of them to let them always be reliable and maintain the safety of precisely constructed assemblies, even during the harshest applications.

Aside from closing the gaps or spaces in a variety of machines, vehicles and tools, grease seals protect them from harmful contamination. Oil seals are helpful to machines since they maintain important parameters, like lubrication. At the same time, they keep away harmful things from their delicate and reliable components and parts, such as contaminants, debris and dirt.

Oil seals do not only prevent abrasives, contaminants and moisture from gaining access into the machine tools and components, but they also make sure that different liquids do not mix with each other. For example water and lubricants that are oil-based.

There are various oil seal designs available, which are created to address the needs of different industries. Though it may seem that they are all alike, the real design, configuration and materials that are utilized can make a considerable difference in some applications. There are types of items that are designed to get rid of friction and torque, allowing the seal to be in motion together with the bearings, together with the other components of the machine as well as to provide protection against any contamination. Other varieties are made to provide greater efficiency. Whatever they require, the industries have produced designs and concepts in order to give the performance that each and every application needs. Some of these types of seals are as follows:

  • O-ring
  • Multiple lip
  • Labyrinth
  • V-seals Light duty
  • Light duty
  • Heavy duty
  • Oil ring s
  • And others…

With regards to regular applications, a dirt seal is typically installed next to the bearing. This should either be sealed in or out, according to the requirements of the machinery and depending on the range of solids, liquids or gases that stumble upon a particular mechanism. Therefore, it extremely important to know in what kind of environment an oil seal will operate before choosing the sealing element or lip material.

In doing so, the appropriate type of seal can surely be obtained for a particular mechanism or function. Fluid seals can be made from a wide range of materials and compounds. Industrial seal types also come in a variety of sizes. Metric and high temperature grease seal varieties are also available. In this regard, it is crucial to have an accurate sealing design that matches the original equipment in order to get a consistent, precise and reliable operation.

You may not have considered using grease and oil seal, but it is good to realize their importance to our everyday living and the things we use. Considering how the other things around you are manufactured, you will realize the impact given by a tiny component such as a grease oil seal.

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The Introduction of Stainless Steel Valve

Wednesday March 2ndUncategorized Category

A so-called stainless steel valve is a valve, mainly made of stainless steel, which regulates the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. The types of stainless steel used in the body of a valve are 301, 304, 316, 304L and 316L. According to international standards, they also can be classified into CF8, CF3, CF8M and CF3M. There are all kinds of the stainless steel valves, such as gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, plug valve, needle valve, baiting valve, steam trap, air-operated valve and so on.

As far as we know, stainless steel is a common name for metal alloys that consist of 10.5% or more Chromium (Cr) and more than 50% Iron (Fe). The chromium content in stainless steel alloys is what generally prevents corrosion. It helps to procrastinate the iron to rust by oxygen and water. It works by reacting with oxygen to form a tough, adherent, invisible, passive layer of chromium oxide film on the steel surface. Besides, the additions, such as nickel are used to raise the general corrosion resistance required in more aggressive usage or conditions.

Because of these components, it is famous for its resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance, relatively low cost, and familiar luster and it is an ideal base material for a host of commercial applications, especially for valve application. On basis of properties of the stainless steel, stainless steel valve has the features of corrosion-proof, rust-proof, water-proof and durability.

Therefore, it is widely used in a lot of industries where the resistance to corrosion is required, such as chemical, petrochemical, oil, paper-making, mine, electricity, gas, food, pharmaceutical, water supply, mechanical equipment, electronic, urban construction and so on.

Nowadays, stainless steel valves have been the necessary products in all kinds of fields. However, there are only a few valve manufacturers who reach the international standard. So when people purchase this valve, they must require the seller to show the certifications for production. Through this way people can avoid buying the unqualified products. What’s more, this valve from Japan, Germany, U.S., U.K. and Shanghai in China are the better choices for purchasers, because most of them from the above places are in line with international standards. As for the famous brands, there are Kitazawa of Japan, Venn of Japan, Top of Germany, VTON of U.S. and Shanghai Xiandie valve in China. is the global B2B platform in the industry of valves and valve parts. SeekValve aggregates the trade leads in this area, and our ultimate target is to benefit the buyers and sellers of valves and valve parts by utilizing these leads through our online tools.

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Cosmetics Containers

Tuesday March 1stUncategorized Category

Cosmetic packaging is the specialty of Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Established in 1989; Pin Mao has accumulated years of experience in manufacturing cosmetic packagings products. The products include emulsion bottle, cosmetic jar, tube, makeup case, and medicine container.


With the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Pin Mao supplies quality assured cosmetic packaging products. Please browse our website to learn more information on products. For any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact with Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. We are delighted to hear from you.

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Spur Gears – Greatest Mechanical Discovery

Tuesday March 1stUncategorized Category

Mechanical gears play a crucial role in the history of machines. Gears are basically mechanical transmission devices which have a wide range of application in industries. A gear is a toothed shaped mechanism which may be either a wheel or a cylinder. It is a device that meshes and rotates by administering force to a toothed part of another device to produce mechanical advantage. There are many types of industrial gears of which spur gears are the most common types of gears. A spur gear is a unique gear with straight teeth and mounted parallel to the axis of rotation.

How do they work?

These gears can be connected and inter locked easily when placed next to each other. However make sure that the gears are placed in such a position that the gear wheels are on a same plane. Now when the main gear is rotated the teeth present on the main gear automatically pushes the interlocking teeth forward. As both are on parallel axles it causes the consecutive linked gear to turn and rotate in the opposite direction. As the interlocking of the teeth keeps the wheels in motion the gears continue to rotate.


Internal: The internal gear is more or less similar to the regular spur gear. They are cylindrical in appearance and the tooth is parallel to the axis. The internal spur gears have teeth that face inward. The gears are placed in such a way that they make internal contact. They are also referred to as ring gears. The output rotation created by this gear system is in the same direction as the input rotation.

External: These are the most common and popular types of spur gears. The teeth like structure are cut on the outside surface of the wheel. The large size wheel is called as the gear and the small size wheel is called as the pinion. The output rotation is in the opposite direction when compared to the input rotation. In the external spur gear system the teeth are used to provide a constant speed and rotation between two parallel shafts.


Spur gear is used to increase or decrease the torque or power hence it is incorporated in washing machines, clothes dryer, blenders and in construction equipment. They are also used to increase or decrease the speed. As such they are put to use in mechanical clocks and egg beaters. They are also implemented in designing air craft engines.


They are constructed in a simple manner as the teeth are positioned in a straight position. They are easier to manufacture and does not easily cause breakage or damage. The efficiency of the spur gear is greater and it is calculated by the output power of its shaft divided by the input power of its shaft multiplied by 100. As they are easier to construct and produce they are made available at very affordable rates to the buyer.


As the operations are very simple they are put to a multitude of uses in both industrial and non-industrial sectors. Spur gears are very popular in a majority of industries as they as known for their high performance and efficiency to meet the requirements of the people.

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Air Sanders Manufacturer in the Industry

Friday February 26thUncategorized Category

King Spark, the leading air sanders manufacturer in the industry, provides various types of air sanders, including palm sanders, dual action sanders, orbital sanders, high speed air sanders and more. With almost twenty years of experience in this field, we have constantly contributed to research and development in order to keep our products competitive nature in terms of quality and performance. As an expert of air sander and air tools supplier, we produce only the best products to our customers, and which let us having good reputations from customers around the world. Feel free to contact us for more air sander info!

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Metal Stamping Parts & Mold

Tuesday February 23rdUncategorized Category

Coolmosa Technology Co., Ltd. strives to be the professional metal stampings provider. Coolmosa can supply all kinds of metal stampings for stamping parts, stamping mold, stamping cooler, stamping cooler heatsink, stamping cooler cover and other metal stamping products. If you are interested in Coolmosa’s metal stamping or need further information or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact soon.

Product experience, low price, availability and best service are the cornerstones for a foundation based on Coolmosa to our customer. Have ISO 9002 approval, we always do our best to control metal stampings quality seriously. Thanks for visiting Coolmosa’s web site and enjoy it, welcome your enquiry from anytime and anywhere!

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Pulley Block, Chain Block Series

Monday February 22ndUncategorized Category

Established in 2006, RE TU FA specialized in manufacturing lifting hardware series and has earned good reputation from clients around the world. Pulley block also called chain block, and PASAK pulley blocks featuring high quality and durable. In chain block series, we have U.S. type pulley blocks, iron blocks, cable pulley blocks etc., and the lever hoists, lifting clamps, eye hooks are also provided on our website. Welcome to contact us for any pulley block inquiry!


Pulley Block, Chain Block Series:

Steel Block with Roller Bearing Single Sheave

Steel Block with Roller Bearing Double

U.S. Type Pulley Block

Steel Pulley Block Eye-Type

Iron Block

Cable Pulley Block

Fasten Cable Block

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CNC Milling Machine Manufacturing

Thursday February 18thUncategorized Category

JIUH-YEH is a professional manufacturer specializes in manufacturing bed type vertical milling machine, bed type vertical & horizontal milling machine, bed type turret vertical milling machine, bed type horizontal boring milling machine, bed type vertical and horizontal CNC milling machine, various knee type milling machine, machining center, vertical machining center, and horizontal machining center.


In order to achieve a quality management and the quality assurance requirements, JIUH-YEH especially makes the quality manual to ensure that the products are produced in accordance to meet customer requirements. Company’s quality assurance system is made regarding ISO-9002 series international standard, including the needs of the organization, division of responsibilities, procedures, and resources. JIUH-YEH works towards to improving to strengthen out our CNC milling machine and other more satisfied products for customers.


Contact us now!

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Tuesday February 16thUncategorized Category

Established in 1990 in Changhua Puyan, CHIN HSIUNG FIBER CO., LTD. is a well-known manufacturer of pantyhose in Taiwan. Basing on the management concepts of sincerity & trust, innovation and good quality, and with over 20-year experiences in pantyhose, we have earned respect from our clients at home and abroad.


In order to satisfy different clients’ demands, CHIN HSIUNG continues developing pantyhoses, and if there are any relative demands, please send us inquiry, we will provide the soonest services and the most competitive prices.

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