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Guide to Track Bicycle Frames

Monday September 12thBike Parts Category

For those who are very much in love with the outdoors and has a thing for adventures, having a track bicycle is something that could be deemed a dream come true. That is because having a track bicycle would enable the owner to engage in all terrain and other outdoor track sporting activities. So, just what is a track bike, really? From what has been portrayed a while ago, a track bicycle is basically a bicycle that is especially designed for use in the race track and the outdoors.


The Frame of a Track Bike


The track bicycle frame basically refers to the sort of skeletal makeup of the track bike. It is also known by the term of track frame. So, why is it important to be able to know the specifications of a track frame? For those who are considering purchasing a track bike, it is essential to be able to know just what a track frame exactly is so that they will be sure that they are making a wise buy.


So, now the question is what are the specifications of a track frame? To answer this, we need to know just what a track bike really is. A track bike is basically one of those bicycle models that have fixed gears. Thus, when we speak about the frame of a track bicycle, we can say that it has just one gear without brakes. It also does not have a free wheel.


Speaking about the tires, it is important for a track bicycle frame to have tires that are inflated at a high pressure so that the level of rolling resistance would be considerably lessened. It is also vital that the tires are narrow for it to be able to maneuver into dirt roads more effectively and efficiently. While tubular type tires are still available and still all right for use on a track frame, clincher tires are now the more preferred kind of tires because of the more durable construction.


Meanwhile, as per the specifications set by the International Cycling Union, which is main governing organization when it comes to bicycles, a track bicycle frame should always be distinguished by the following qualities:


  1. Minimal fork rake compared to other types of bicycle frames
  2. A head tube set higher so that steering will be more stimulus sensitive
  3. A bottom bracket that is set higher, which is needed for the pedals to avoid getting in contact with tracks that are banked steeply
  4. A seat tube that is installed at a kind of sharp angle for powerful aerodynamics
  5. A rear hub that employs a spacing of about 120 millimeters
  6. Track ends, otherwise known as dropouts, facing the rear so that the adjustment of tension in the bike chains is easily facilitated.
  7. Clearances that are built very tightly together at the front of the tire at the rear, which is important in preventing the accidental removal of the wheels of the track bicycle.


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