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Bicycle Parts and Accessories

Wednesday December 9thBike Parts Category

When it comes to bicycle parts and accessory, finding the right suppliers for those bicycle parts may be an expensive journey. For the most part, getting these supplies online may be the cheapest route. eBay should be the first place that you try searching in order to get an idea of how much the supplies are going to cost you. One main thing that you should do when going the eBay route is to closely examine the seller’s feedback. Look to see if they had sold other cycling products and if their feedbacks are positive.

There are certain times when it is best to go to a local brick and mortar bicycle dealer and parts supplier in order to suffice your needs. Whenever, you are going to these local shops you should ask them or get answers to the 5 crucial questions.

The 5 questions that you should ask your local bicycle parts and accessory dealers or suppliers are:

1) What are the return policies?

2) Are the products carried by the local dealers or suppliers original equipment manufacturer (OEM)?

3) What are the warranties?

4) How many of the specific item(s) you want, has the supplier sold?

5) How many years has the local supplier been in business?

In order to save yourself some money and heartache later, it is best to ask these 5 questions before you make your first purchase. Many cyclists that I know don’t ask these questions ahead of time and are now regretting it. Be a smart cyclist consumer and get to know the 5 crucial questions.

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