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Forklift Truck Operation Guide

October 30th

In industries that involve material handling, they make use of a forklift truck. These are very useful especially in large companies and warehouses. But with the emergence of this kind of machine, many workers are also prone to danger especially if they do not know what they are doing. As an employer, you have the […]

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Electric Screwdrivers: Perfect for Do It Yourself People

October 30th

Electric screwdrivers are very important tools that DIY enthusiasts should never be without. They are quite handy when it comes to loosening or tightening screws around the home easily regardless of the size and shape of the screw. There are different kinds of electric screwdrivers that can be found in hardware stores today so for those […]

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Ink Cleaning Products for Textile Materials

October 28th

Tenluxe was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Taiwan. We specialize in the research and development of ink cleaner products for textile materials. The ink cleaner product/ textile cleaner offerings include textile cleaning guns, trichloroethane naphtha, ink cleaners, tenluxe ink cleaners, puff ink cleaners, snaxin ink cleaners, cleaning spray guns, tag pin guns and […]

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Powder Metallurgy – Basic Information

October 26th

Powder metallurgy was formerly known as lost art. Not like clay or other stoneware materials, the skills in molding and firing useful and ornamental metallic objects were seldom applied in the early phases of history. Metal powders like gold, copper and also bronze and many other powdered oxides specifically iron oxide which are used as […]

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In Search of the Best Desk Fan

October 23rd

There is no question that it is a nice idea to get a new college graduate with a good luck gift for their new adventures in the work place. One of the best gifts that a college grad can receive is a brand new desk fan. Not only will it keep them cool at their […]

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Pressure Gauges

October 22nd

Pressure gauges are the gauges used to monitor the pressure being exerted by a certain operation. There have been developments in enhancing the functions of pressure gauges in terms of measuring the increase or decrease in pressure level. Pressure gauges have two classifications, the direct reading and the indirect reading. For the direct reading gauges, […]

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How to Eliminate Noise from a Switch Mode Supply

October 21st

A switching mode power supply is very efficient in its working. Although, the supply is designed in such a way that it produces noise that is inaudible to the human ear, it sometimes gives a lot of noise especially when it gets old. The good news is that if your switching mode power supplies producing […]

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Pallet Jacket Scales: For Large Weights

October 21st

Pallet Jack scales also known as a pallet truck is an ideal tool which is typically used to weigh a variety of large items including pallets, drums, kegs and barrels. In a pallet jack scale, the forks are separated from the front wheels as the hydraulic jack is raised forcing the load upward until it […]

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Iron Casting, Ductile Iron Manufacturer

October 19th

Cheng Feng Casting Factory Co., Ltd. is a professional ductile iron casting company with main product of castings for machinery industry, such as casting iron, ductile irons, gray iron casting, ductile iron casting, small iron casting products, large machine casting parts and more. Cheng Feng Casting offers all kind of castings services with high quality, […]

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Safely Using a Hand Saw

October 16th

If you own and operate a hand saw, it is important to understand that there are many safety techniques that can be used in order to ensure that accidents do not occur. The first step that should be taken is becoming familiar with the power tool that you own. You will typically find that the […]

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